September 11th 2016 IMI RTIST will be performing in Belgium and promote his new single! make sure you all be there,Nieuwkerken-Waas ( Belgium )

Imi Rtist is busy working on new material and he already finished one song for you to hear very soon. Stay tuned .

On April 30 2016  IMI RTIST did an awesome show in Frankfurt am Main with his liveband. Photos will be updated soon.

IMI RTIST is now very busy creating new music and i can assure you, it will be great so beware and prepare. more info coming soon.

IMI RTIST, did an interview to promote his single and album at radio stad Denhaag.
Soon there will be new music from IMI RTIST stay tuned.

30th of april 2016 IMI RTIST will perform in Frankfurt, so make sure you see this one.

IMI RTIST ENTERTAINMENT would like to wish you all a very happy new year in good health,joy and musical happines.

On november 22nd IMI RTIST attended a workshop that was given by none other than Michael Jackson's choreographer and long time friend Lavelle Smith Jr. We had a great time. 

2015 has been a hectic year for IMI RTIS but it is just the beginning. October 31st 2015 IMI RTIST went to Albania to perform at club moscow for 1500 people. It was a great succes. He loved it and the people were great also.

October 3rd IMI RTIST performed in Brussels at a MJ event called History in the making. again a succes and met his old friend and assistant choreographer from Michael Jacksons This is it tour Brahim. They had a good talk for futureplans regarding IMI RTIST his own music.

IMI RTIST his performances on the 5th and 13th September in Belgium and 26th of September in theatre de Kei, Reusel, The Netherlands were very succesfull with good sightings for next year. Make sure to stay tuned on  IMI RTIST's shows. Great things are coming.  

IMI RTIST zijn shows van 5 en 13 September 2015 waren een groot succes met goede vooruizichten voor het nieuwe jaar. De theatershow van 26 September 2015 was ook een succes. Zorg dat je up to date blijft omtrent IMI RTIST zijn show want volgend jaar komen er nog grotere shows. Hou de website in de gaten. 

3 Oktober had IMI RTIST opgetreden in Brussel en had hij de assistent choreograaf van Michael Jackson ontmoet die naar zijn show kwam kijken en was erg onder de indruk en had aangegeven om met IMI RTIST te willen werken aan zijn album.

Make sure you are going to see IMI RTIST's theatershow this year, it is going to be spectacular with some great acts!

The first show in Nieuwkerken-Waas was a super blast!!!! it was a SOLD OUT show. the audience was hysterical and good vibes.

The next show will be at theater de Kei, in Reusel, make sure you get your tickets fast.
Bus arrangements are set from Nieuwegein-Reusel and back. Bus and ticket are 35 Euros and people who want to bring their children on the bus, the price for the children will be 30 Euro. For more info, info@imi-rtist.com

Beste vrienden en fans,

De eerste show in Nieuwkerken-Waas, Belgie was een groot succes!! Helemaal uitverkocht. Nu komt IMI RTIST met zijn theatershow ook naar Nederland en danwel in theater de Kei in Reusel. Zorg dat je je kaartjes snel besteld want deze show zal ook heel spectaculair worden. Er is ook weer een busreis geregeld vanuit Nieuwegein naar Reusel en terug! De prijzen zijn 35 Euro en voor kinderen 30 Euro. Zorg dat jullie deze show niet missen, het is een must om hierbij te zijn. Voor meer informatie, zie de flyer!! Wij hopen jullie 26 September van harte te verwelkomen in A JOURNEY THROUGH MUSIC AND DANCE!! 

SHOWTIME : 20.00-22.30 

Bestel je kaartjes via info@imi-rtist.com

IMI RTIST did 2 performances this week ( 28th and 30 May 2015 ) which were a huge succes. great new audiences and new fans! The shows were to promote the upcoming theatreshow June 27. Make sure you'll be there!  Stay tuned! Beware and Prepare.

New updates:

20th of February Battle of the tributebands, Ulft

28th of March Beckum Palace, Hengelo 

28th of May OPERA, The Hague 

30th of May  Nieuwkerken-Waas  Belgium 

27th of June Theatershow IMI RTIST A JOURNEY THROUGH MUSIC AND DANCE de Vlasbloem, Nieuwkerken-Waas, Belgium. ( SOLD OUT!!! )

29th of August Michael Jacksons birthday, Quatre bras, Best

September 5, Sint Niklaas, Belgium

13th ofSeptember performing in Belgium

26th of September Theatershow IMI RTIST A JOURNEY THROUGH MUSIC AND DANCE, de Kei, Reusel, The Netherlands.

October 3rd, Bruxelles, Belgie

More data coming soon!

The last big show was in Belgium which was pretty awesome and the shows that are about to come will be more spectacular than it was before. So beware and prepare for IMI RTIST and his NR.1 MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE LIVEBAND of the Netherlands and also his debut performance when promoting his new album 

' WHO I AM ' which is for sale now at www.bol.com and info@imi-rtist.com 

IMI RTIST will be supported by 2 groups of dancers; The Crystal Dancers which are amazing in doing Broadway, Las Vegas, Lido and Brasilian dance and Explozion which will explode onstage with their performance. This show will go beyond and we hope to see you all there. 

DAS BETT was a blast for IMI Rtist and his MJ Tribute liveband, the audience went wild. Especially when they played, A place with no name and Love never felt so good. DAS BETT was so pleased with the performance that they want to do it again someday soon! IMI would like to thank the beautiful fans for supporting him and also by buying his new album.

05-10-2014 IMI RTIST'S MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE LIVEBAND were performing in Belgium. It was for the first time Belgium met IMI RTIST and his band and what they saw, had made their jaws drop as what they have said to us. They have never seen a show quite like that and soon oppertunities came and organisations started to show interest in IMI RTIST. Plans are being made to conquer Belgium. The Album is doing really good in Belgium, Stay tuned for further developments regarding IMI RTIST.

13-09-2014 IMI RTIST was invited by none other than MIC THOMPSON one of Michael Jackson's principal dancers in Brussels at an event were they spoke about starting an collabo for China,Korea and the USA. The proces will start soon so stay tuned. Mic Thompson also has got IMI RTIST his album and he likes the songs.

Here's IMI RTIST with Mic Thompson.

IMI RTIST also got to meet a very important choreographer who choreographed a couple of songs on Michael Jackson's This is it tour. Here are IMI RTIST and Brahim in the middle.

On 30-08-2014 IMI RTIST'S MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE LIVEBAND tore down the house in Frankfurt am Main at Club DAS BETT. The crowd was hyped up and gave alot of energy. We would like to thank al the German fans who were there to share their love with us and hopefully IMI will come back soon in the near future again. IMI RTIST'S his album also went very well overthere the amount of albums were sold out in no time. We send our thanks for those who supported us. Germany we love you and we hope to come back soon.

Next stop! Belgium October 5th! Make sure you'll be there to experience the magic!!

June 27 2014 IMI RTIST performed at Poppodium Underground Lelystad and the reactions were awersome!!! the album sold good and the organisation wanted to make this performance an every year event. The crew is very thankful for this oppertunity and are still working hard for the next show. 

This time it is abroad!! Frankfurt am Main Germany on August 30 20114. We hope to see you all there were IMI RTIST will do a two hour show in DAS BETT this will be a show you will never forget!

April 20 was a huge performance for IMI Rtist and his band they tore the house down and made a international impression that night. Mic Thompson a principal dancer who has danced with Michael Jackson from 1993-2001 caught the attention of IMI Rtist and his band and congratulated him on his tribute to the King of Pop. He also is busy doing a show in Las Vegas where he wants IMI Rtist to come over and sing! For IMI Rtist his MJ tribute live band, Mic Thompson wants them to come over to do Shows in China and Korea, but that is still in the making and eventually for future plans.

Daimyo Jackson the Nr.1 impersonator worldwide for Michael Jackson has also got the IMI Rtist fever and went to his place to discuss futureplans for a tour in Germany. That being said it is going to get really busy this time around! We will keep you all posted if there are any changes regarding IMI Rtist. 


IMI Rtist has had a very busy schedule for these upcoming months. The new Album released, The shows for this year will be more spectacular than the shows last year. 

The last show IMI Rtist did was on the 31st of December 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium which was a blast!! Hopefully we will be able to put some of the new footage soon on the website.

For now, big preparations are being made for the first big show, which is set to be on the 27th of June in Lelystad. But in the mean time gigs will be updated which are confirmed before June. We will keep you posted!! 

Saturday the 8th of March 2014 IMI Rtist performed with his band in Amsterdam and they rocked the place and received an standing ovation. IMI Rtist and his MJ tribute liveband would like to thank the people of Amsterdam who were present that evening, Stay tuned for the next show. April 20th IMI Rtist will be performing live at Theater de Kei in Reusel so make sure you'll be there to witness this spectaculair show!




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We are happy to inform you all that IMI's new album is out now! "Who I Am" is IMI'S first studio album and tells the story of who he is and what he stands for. So If you want to hear more, don't wait...