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But IMI’s music career didn’t start with “My name is Michael”. At the age of 7 IMI got inspired by Michael Jackson. One of his favorite MJ songs “Don’t stop till you get enough” resembles IMI’s true nature. Cause IMI won’t stop till he reaches his summit. Through passion & dedication he participated succesfully in several Soundmix & Talent shows performing MJ songs like Thriller, Billy Jean & Beat it. Because of the high entertainment value IMI adds to his performances, he was recognised as the Michael Jackson of his hometown in no time.

In his mid twenties, when IMI got more and more serious about persuing a professional music career, he became a member of R&B formation Mainfact, who got a record deal with V2 records (better known as being part of Virgin Records) performing in Europe on a regular basis. In the five years, IMI was a member of Mainfact. They got a lot of positive press for their artistic contribution to the music industry.

IMI then decided it was time to persue a solo career. With the help of good friend and producer Edgar T, he created his own unique sound & style in which he grew. From this collaboration on, IMI was approached to do several endorsements with e.g. Telecom Giant KPN, doing an add campaign which landed him a huge gig at a Pepsi stage concert in Amsterdam and then some.

When his lifetime Idol and inspirerer Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, IMI’s vocation was clear. He had to partake in the RTL4 show “My name is Michael” which gained him a fanbase most artist can only dream of. Craving to meet the needs of his increasing fanbase, IMI founded IMVINCIBLE  ” A Michael Jackson Tribute Liveband”. Performing at several indoor and outdoor events,talent shows and bandcompetitions like “Clash of the cover bands” ( which has earned him the title to become the number 1 Michael Jackson tribute liveband of the netherlands ) and doing radio appearances at among others “Radio 538”.


In 2014 IMI Rtist released his first studio album called: ” WHO I AM “.
Ordering is possible (price € 10) Write an e-mail to info@imi-rtist.com

The single “I KNOW WHAT THEY DO” is already released and has been streaming worldwide and has gotten good reviews.

IMI RTIST’s new single “SOMETHING NEW” is in all digital stores. (price € 0,99 iTunes)

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